JUNE 15, 2019   •   SAWYER FAMILY FARMSTEAD   •  240 Chimney Pond Rd. Glenville, NC 28736   •   DIRECTIONS
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The wedding celebration of

Monica & Matthew

the bride

Monica Nguyễn

Monica Thúy Nguyễn is from Arizona and graduated from Arizona State and Cornell Universities with an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering. She moved to Michigan in 2014 to work at Nissan before moving to General Motors in 2016.

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the groom

Matthew Bouché

Matthew Jennings Bouché is from North Carolina and graduated from North Carolina State University with a B.S in Mechanical Engineering. He moved to Michigan in 2015 to join General Motors as an engineer.

Wedding Day itinerary

June 15, 2019
Sawyer Family Farmstead


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Arrive by

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The Pergola
on the Knoll


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Cocktail Area


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Begins at

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Reception Barn


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Ends at

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Reception Barn

Our Story

How we met

Matthew and Monica grew up on opposite sides of the country, but fate would have it that they met as coworkers at General Motors in Pontiac, Michigan.

Matthew was in a group of coworker friends who socialized outside of work. As Monica joined the work team, she fit in with the social group very quickly. After a short time, they became close friends.

Matthew bought a house, somewhat of a “fixer-upper” about that same time. Monica came to help work on the house and sparks started to fly. Matthew felt that Monica was a loving, caring, intelligent, and honest woman, while Monica felt that Matthew was a kind, very affectionate, hard working, and funny-ish man (he tries).

After about three months as friends, they started dating and fell in love. They turned out to be the perfect match. Nerdy at times (comes with being engineers), they love to spend time with their dogs, playing board games, and being outside together.

The Proposal

After a year and a half of dating, Matthew knew he had found the one! He searched for the perfect ring and found it after a few months.

Time to plan the proposal!

With a little help from Coy Taylor (one of the groomsmen), Matthew planned the proposal to take place during a casual weekend visit with Coy in the mountains of North Carolina & Tennessee on March 31, 2018.

Matthew had everything planned out: the proposal would happen at the top of a mountain overlooking the Linville Gorge. The weekend was going to be perfect! The drive from Michigan to Coy’s house was going great…

until the topic of proposals came up….

Matthew was a little nervous not to reveal the secret plan, but what Monica said next threw the whole weekend for a loop. Monica mentioned that lately a lot of people they knew got engaged on mountain tops, and she thought it was getting cliche. Matthew’s eyes grew wide! He tried to continue the conversation normally but started to panic internally. All plans had to change now!

Plan B

The new plan was to visit Compression Falls, TN instead of the mountain top at Linville Gorge.

As they arrived and made the steep hike down, Matthew was getting more and more nervous, not of fear, but of excitement for their future. The weather was sunny and beautiful with temperatures in the mid-sixties. They got to the falls and it was gorgeous! The lighting was perfect, the air was crisp and fresh, and the sound of the majestic waterfall could not have set up a better scene.

Upon arrival, they decided to take a break in order to absorb the spectacle. Matthew had brought along a newly bought drone, equipped with a camera, to “test” for his brother. As Coy “test” flew the drone, Matthew spotted the perfect location for the proposal in front of the falls. With limited battery life on the drone, Matthew knew he only had a short amount of time to get a great shot of the proposal. The trek to the location was wet, slippery, took some skill, and hurried. Meanwhile, Monica was thinking that Matthew was crazy for pushing her along. She wondered, “why he is so adamant on walking through cold water on slippery, mossy rocks while getting soaked in the process?” However, she proceeded along with trust in him.

Matthew knelt down and asked, “Monica, will you marry me?”

He proceeded to be the goofball he is by opening the ring box upside down! Luckily the ring stayed in the box and didn’t bounce onto the rocks and into the water! After Matthew noticed and turned the ring box right side up, Monica said “YES!” At last, the moment Matthew had been awaiting! Monica loved the ring and the special moment.

The following day, they went up to the mountain top of proposal plan A. It was beautiful, but Matthew was happy he changed the plan.

Compression Falls, TN March 31, 2018

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

Lao Tzu

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the Groomsmen

Look at these handsome fellas

Trevor Miller - Best Man
Brandon Bouche 2015
Brandon Bouché
Matthew Smith
Coy Taylor
Coy Taylor


The gorgeous group of gals

Sylvia Nguyen - Maid of Honor
Allison Salcido
Hang Pham
Colleen Tran
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We look forward to celebrating with you

By formal invitation only.
RSVP was March 15th because it is a destination wedding and final count was required by the wedding planner and venue.

Have questions about what to wear or rainy day plans ? Check out the FAQ page.

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